Coverage Area

Coverage Area

Consult our coverage area and check the quality of your signal

We cover about 10% of the entire INDIA and over 100 cities already have our fiber optics.

At Onereis Broadband, we are committed to connecting communities, enhancing digital experiences, and redefining the way you stay connected. Currently, we proudly offer our services in two vibrant cities: Berhampur and Bhubaneswar. Our coverage area is a testament to our dedication to bringing high-speed internet and exceptional services to your doorstep

How do I know if I have the Onereis signal?

Signal strength is a crucial aspect of your internet connectivity, determining the quality and speed of your online experience. If you’re wondering how to know if you have the signal, here’s a simple guide to help you understand and assess your connection’s signal strength.

Check the Connectivity Icon

Most devices, such as smartphones or laptops, display a connectivity icon on their screens. This icon usually represents signal strength using bars or dots. More bars or dots indicate stronger signal strength.

Wi-Fi Signal Bars

Your device’s Wi-Fi icon will likely display bars to represent signal strength. More bars mean stronger signal. If you’re closer to the router, you’ll generally have a stronger signal.

Roaming or Dead Zones

If you’re moving around within a larger area, you might encounter spots with weaker signal or dead zones where the signal drops entirely. Such areas might have limited connectivity due to obstacles or distance from the signal source.


Unveiling the Future- Nationwide Expansion of 5G technology by


Onereis Broadband is poised to embark on a journey of nationwide expansion, bringing our top-tier services to every corner of India. Our commitment to delivering high-speed internet, exceptional customer support, and cutting-edge technology will soon be accessible to individuals, families, and businesses across the country.

Stay tuned as we work tirelessly to extend our coverage and bring our services to your area. Together, we’ll create a digital landscape that embraces progress, connectivity, and the pursuit of excellence.